Wednesday, December 25, 2013

More on Mechanics

I try to get a certain amount of time on user forums, just to keep up with prevailing thought. Also, I spend a lot of time on vendors' sites, to stay current on what is out there and who is selling, and saying, what. It's great that the vintage thing has really come into its own. It's good to see.

Something is becoming evident though. I don't like saying "I told you so..." but I will. I told you so. It occurs to me these days that folks in the powersports community are finally coming around to the realization that historically-held beliefs, really urban myths if you will, are in some cases patently incorrect. And I am pleased (if a little tired of waiting) to see cold reason finally prevailing in a few areas.

For so long it hurts to think about how long, we inside the industry have been warning consumers about aftermarket oil filters, for example. And gaskets. And premium gasoline. And seemingly a thousand other things that are erroneously taken as "gospel". It has taken a couple of wonderfully diligent independent studies to convince about the oil filters, countless negative forum member experiences to codify re non-OEM engine gaskets, and the unbiased voice of reason -- not to mention the manufacturers themselves -- to sway concerning high-test petrol in the average Asian machine, but it is finally happening. And that's a good thing.

It is poignant however because we working people, the folks that service your machines, have been saying it all along. Technicians are not given much credibility. I have written on this subject elsewhere, but the to-me bitter irony of the front line indvidual not having empowerment, credibility, or input, in the powersports industry, is a lastingly perplexing thing and a burden that I have borne for most of my adult life. If you a good mechanic, value him or her. Get to know him. Be open-minded about his credibility, at least until you know for sure. Technicians are the under-appreciated members of the powersports community. It's time they got their due.


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